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This website has been designed to create better communication with and within the Parish of Stratton Audley and is funded by the Parish Council. Here you will find not only information on all matters related to the Parish Council but much, much more.

Newsletter Update no 129, February 1st 2024

This is likely to be the last newsletter that I, ex Chairman of the PC will issue but fear not, Owen Jones, a new Parish Councillor, has agreed to continue the newsletter to keep everyone informed of news in and around the village. Stratton House is now empty whilst the new owner arranges for a … Read more

News Update 128, 12 Jan 2024

Belated Happy New Year! Stratton House Yard Sale Thank you to everyone who came to the Stratton House Yard Sale before Christmas for what turned out to be quite a wet weekend. I am sure this affected the attendance but nevertheless, I am pleased to confirm that Stratton Audley Parish Church was given £1000 before Christmas towards the … Read more

News Update no 127, December 8th, 2023

Stratton House Yard Sale This Weekend Another reminder that Stratton House are having a clear-out of the house and outbuildings. Everything will be undercover so please pop along even if it is raining. Proceeds from the yard sale are going towards the upkeep of the church building. It’s from 11am – 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Do come along, … Read more

News Update no 126, November 23rd, 2023

  Happy anniversary to Alison Howson A heart congratulations to Alison who moved to the village sixty years ago today! It is great to know that our oldest resident at 93 is also one of the longest serving members of the community. That takes her and us back to 1963 and in the intervening period the … Read more

News Update no 125, November 9th, 2023

  Now that the clocks have gone back and with fewer opportunities for us all to get together without our lovely pub (hopefully temporarily), this week there are two opportunities to rectify this. Firstly, tomorrow night with the Pop-Up Night at the Barn and then on Sunday morning with the Annual Remembrance Service in the church where there will … Read more

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Within this section you will find information related to the Parish Council, both past and present together with the rules and guidelines that help it to function.

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The Parish of Stratton Audley is a small community of just over 400 people living in some 190 dwellings. The village, being located near the old Roman road from Alchester to Towcester, takes its name from Stratone (street), with Audley being added …