Community Questionnaire Spring 2022 Analysis

We at the Parish Council (PC) have once again been made aware of concerns about vehicles speeding into and around the village.  It has been a topic of conversation for many years and at a recent PC meeting we decided to seek your views and to ask what you would like to see happen to address the situation if anything. We are in the process of monitoring traffic volumes and speeds within the village and will make the results public very soon. However, we recognise that traffic congestion and speeding vehicles are also of concern throughout the whole of the Parish and so we welcome thoughts on the wider issues.

In seeking your views and opinions on traffic issues, we are taking the opportunity to provide you with an opportunity to have your say on a few other matters.

This survey does not set out to cover all the subjects of local interest but has open ended questions for those who have a particular point of view on matters that are not mentioned. Please also remember that all Parish Councillors are eager to hear your views, thoughts and concerns at any time, outside of this exercise.

The survey was distributed in March 2022, results published in May 2022 and presented at the Annual Meeting of the Parish. The survey questionnaire and top line analysis can be found in the links below. Also below is an analysis of some of the data with that from a larger questionnaire carried out in 2015.

Survey 2022 Final final

Stratton Audley Parish Council Top line results

SAPC 2022 vs 2015 questionnaire comparaison

Additionally a speed survey was carried out around the same time on all four entry and exit roads and data from this was analysed against a similar traffic survey in 2013. A summary of the results can be found by clicking the link below. The most striking fact appears to be that on all roads the volume of traffic has more or less double since the 2013 survey, nine years ago.

Speed analysis final 2022