CLP Events

Following the Launch Meeting on 30th April 2013 and the formation of the Steering Group, the first event to be organised was a Village Picnic on Sunday 8th September 2013. The idea was to hold an event purely for people in the Parish to get together and have some fun and raise awareness of the existence of a CLP group in the village.

The event was entirely free with no fund raising and people were encouraged to bring their own food and drink. The CLP team created a series of traditional games for children and adults to participate in and the event was attended by some 50 people.  Those present were asked to put their ideas down on post-it notes and provide their email addresses so they would receive regular email communications in the future. To date we have collected some 100 emails representing around 70 different residencies and  we hope through this new website more will sign up to receive regular newsletters.

The day was a resounding success and has since been repeated in 2014 and 2015. Various other events allowed more ideas to be gathered.

A summary of everyone’s views from that first meeting can be viewed by clicking on the following link  CLP Launch Post it notes

As you will see many issues are shared, some are new and others old.