Steering Group

The current regular members of the Steering Group are

Anthony Flack (Chairman)

Sarah Watkins

Stuart Hopkins

John Honsinger

Lisa Collins

Others are helping with events from time to time but we need more people to get involved. So please email us to find out when the next meeting is happening. Be assured we hold meetings only when necessary, usually leading up to events but other communication is handled by email in order to keep the time commitment for all of us to the minimum.

But we do need volunteers and whilst most people say they are happy to help a natural concern is the amount of time they may have to commit. We understand that everyone leads busy lives but the commitment can be flexible and the more people who  get involved the less there is to do on an individual basis. If you would like to volunteer or offer something please click on this link CLP vounteering form  to view the form. You can either print out the form and return it to Anthony Flack or email us