Objectives for 2017/2018


The Parish Council believes that by highlighting a number of specific matters for the coming year, in addition to all the general issues that are dealt with, helps provide a focus and measure of accountability. In May 2016 the Parish Council identified the following matters:

  1. Investigate additional cycle path/footpath opportunities, particularly the one on the A4421 together with increased availability of other leisure facilities for residents
  2.  Complete the Resilience and Emergency Planning programme
  3.  Investigate the need to develop a Neighbourhood Plan

Some of these are a follow on from the previous year’s seven objectives, where no’s 1-5 below were met in whole or part as follows:

  1. to communicate more with the community in an open and transparent manner;
  2. to actively encourage more people to get involved with activities around the village;
  3. to support the development of a CLP Plan;
  4. to establish a vibrant new website that all sections of the community can participate in and contribute to;
  5. to obtain funding to re-furbish the entire playground and commission the work;
  6. to pursue the issue of the bicycle/footpath on the A4421;
  7. to investigate the viability of creating a village open space.

Focus for the current year 2017/2018 is as follows:

  • Continue to communicate regularly with the community
  • Increase the number of Parish Councillors to 7 and identify a new Chairman for 2018/19
  • Support the proposed bi-annual Food Beer & Music Festival in June 2018
  • Promote tree awareness in the community
  • Vehicle speeding matters in the village and raise money for a VAS Electronic Road sign
  • Continue to pursue the issue of a bicycle/footpath on the A4421