The following photographs have been taken in and around the village at various events and offer a snap shot of life in the parish. More will be added on a regular basis. If you have a photograph you’d like put up on the site, please email it to

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P1180147      P1180135   secret_stratton-7   Traffic jams   Donkeys at Village Day 2014   Steam tractor outside pubPresenting at the Kennels fair   Movember pub party    Movember 12 Jubilee d   HoundsJubilee c   Jubilee a   Royal_Wedding_Day_-_Stratton_Audley-32      P1000582   P1000592   P1000595Pub Burns Night presenting the haggis   Pub Burns Night piper   Pub Irish nightVillage Boules evening July 2014    Halloween 2  Vintage car outside pub

Halloween 1   Oh snowy times!   Winter fun