Dog Warden

From time to time we receive complaints regarding dog fouling in public areas of the village and on private land where people are allowed to exercise their dogs providing this is done responsibly.

Dog mess is an eyesore, a health hazard and it is dangerous for horses on the Gallops as it can take up to two months to break down.

If you own a dog, you have a legal duty to clear up after it and if you don’t, Cherwell District Council can issue a fixed penalty notice of £50. Cherwell’s Enforcement Officers do patrol the area regularly.

If you notice that the bins are full or if there are no plastic bags in the dispensers, do let us know here. And if you see a dog out on its own or an owner not picking up, then you should report this to the Cherwell District Council Dog Warden on 01295 227007. All reports are treated as anonymous.

Whilst most people act responsibly and carry bags all the time, one or two are giving dogs a bad name! Don’t be the one to foul up!


Designated dog bins and free plastic bags

There are three specific dog bins located in the village which have been purchased by the community:

  • beyond the Green Barn in Stoke Lyne Road opposite Glen Close ;
  • at the beginning of the footpath to The Willows, on the corner of Cavendish Place with Cherry Street;
  • on Launton Road next to Pound House by the grass area near the footpath across the fields.

There are three dog poo bag dispensers kindly made by people in the village:

  • at the Mill Road end of the pond footpath
  • by the gate onto the Gallops next to Malachy’s house
  • on the Launton Road not far from the dog bin

The dog bins usually get emptied every week in the summer and every two weeks in the winter by the Dog Warden Team. This is a service that the village pays for as a convenience to people in the village who have dogs and hopefully everyone benefits.  Occasionally the poo bags find their way into the rubbish bins at either end of the pond foot path but these do not get emptied as regularly by the council so please do not do this.